VCA welcomes all inquiries from International students to join our very diverse creative community.

Victoria College of Art has met the qualifications of British Columbia's Education Quality Assurance Designation. BC is the only province in Canada with an official Registry of EQA-Designated post-secondary institutions.

Designated Learning Institution # 019395299874

All programs have three starts every year*:

September, January and April

Program: Fine Arts Fundamentals and Advanced Certificates (two-year study with 8 months each year)
Program: Applied Arts Illustration Diploma (two-year study with 8 months each year)
Program: Applied Arts Animation Diploma ( two-year study with 11 months each year)

*See Program for tuition amount

Requirements to Apply:

  • A bio of yourself
  • A portfolio of your work
  • Why you wish to attend VCA and what your career path will be
  • A copy of a valid passport
  • A transcript from your last attended institution
  • Language Proficiency (Non-native speakers required to meet on Zoom/Skype with administration)
  • IELTS score must register at a minimum of 5.5 in the Overall Band Score
  • VCA International Student Liaison



 All programs for the time being are online. 


International Students:  Pradeep Kumaran 

Contact: Skype: saimuth.canimm