Programs - Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Diploma Program is three years of study.

(Note: Due to the current health situation of Covid-19, our courses will be offered online or in class with social-distancing guidelines.)

The Diploma requirement has two certificates ( FA Fundamentals and FA Advanced as pre-requisites for the third year diploma.

 1. Certificate in Fine Arts Fundamentals (Year One)
This FA certificate is two terms full-time (600 hours). This program can be taken either full-time or part-time.The full-time program includes: 14 courses in drawing, painting, design, sculpture, Art History, English and Critical Studies. 
Tuition: $7,500 per year- Domestic Student and online international Student.
Tuition: $10,125 per year- International Student (In-Person).

 2. Certificate in Fine Arts Advanced (Year Two)
This FA certificate is two terms full-time (600 hours). This program can be taken either full-time or part-time. The full-time program includes 8-10 studio courses and 2-3 theory courses with a focus on your desired field of study.
Tuition: $8,100 per year- Domestic Student and online international Student.

Tuition:$10,935 per year- International Student (In-Person).

 3. Fine Arts Diploma Graduating Year (Year Three)
This highly mentored graduating year concentrates on your own specialty with faculty
of your choice. Advanced courses include 8 studio and 3-4 art theory course.
Tuition: $8100 per year - Domestic student and online international Student.
Tuition: $10,935 peryear - International Student (In-Person).



Amazing! Having just completed my first part time semester, I feel confident with my fine arts journey, so much so, I have 3 courses next session. If you are looking for quality time with real artists to guide your art making process, this is your school. I witness how the teachers tailor students needs to their goals. My teachers have years of experience, and seemingly infinite patience to get through the tough growth phases. Making art takes courage and hard work. I am glad to have Victoria College of Art to guide me. - Tracey W.

 I have had the pleasure to receive the best instructions, mentorship and quality guidance from all of my instructors at Victoria College of Arts (VCA). When you put together the years of experience and knowledge they all have, you will be receiving an amazing hands on training (in my case Fine Arts). When I had questions regarding classes to sign up for the semesters and to assist to achieve my goals and credits towards my diploma, the Administration staff provided the info promptly I was seeking. Does not matter what level you start out, it is what you are willing to give. I arrived with no drawing, painting, printing, photography nor sculpting experience prior, except Drawing and a little water colour from art class way back in High School. As a mature student after retiring with a drive to learn and succeed as an artist, now I can say Thank you to All who made it possible. Still at times I do not believe that it is me and I would have never thought to learn and achieve all that I do and continue to create. Successfully completed my studies at VCA and Graduated in the Spring of 2018 with a Fine Arts Diploma. I am continuing to return to VAC for the mentorship, camaraderie and to this close knit group of my fellow artists whom I can call my friends. The best choice I have ever made. Highly recommend! - Susan K.