Programs - Applied Arts Illustration

Applied Arts Illustration Program is a two-year Diploma Program. Each year is two terms full-time with 600 hours of instruction.  Part-time is also available.

(Note: Due to the current health situation of Covid-19, our courses will be offered online or in class with social-distancing guidelines.)

First Year:
You begin with the studio fundamentals of drawing, design, painting and sculpture. Illustration fundamental courses introduce you to the art and disciplinie of drawing as a form of communication. You also require 2-4 theory based courses in Art History and English.
Tuition: $7500 for domestic students and online international students
Tuition: $8900 for international students ( in-person)

Second Year:
You will focus on advanced skills in drawing, composition, layout and design leading to a professional portfolio. You will also feel at ease with professional writing for planning, preparing and polishing promotional materials.

In the world of the illustrator the fast pace of the internet has resulted in a short time span in which the illustrator has to produce finished work for the client.

By the completion of this diploma,you will feel confident in presenting a polished portfolio for career options of your choice.
Tuition: $7500 per year for domestic students and online international students
Tuition: $8900 per year for International students ( in-person students)

Career Options:

Illustrators are employed in a wide variety of careers creating artworks directed to a specific purpose such as: illustrations for magazine articles, children’s and professional books, company newsletters, posters, advertising graphics, design mock-ups, trade show environments, trade publications, textbooks and many other areas such as muralization. 


Year 2