All of our instructors have at least a Masters Degree in the academic courses they are teaching. As required by PCTIA,(under the ministry of Advanced Education)for career programs, all of our instructors possess "a diploma or certificate related to the field of study supplemented by at least 24 months of full-time occupational experience in their field of study or 10 years of demonstrated experience in the field of study". Most of our instructors have been working and teaching in their field for over 25 years. All of our instructors exceed the "adequate instructional skills" as outlined by the ministry of Advanced Education.

Meet the Faculty of the Victoria College of Art

Victor Arcega

"Art's for life's sake and conversely."Victor comes to Victoria from the Philippines, by way of Japan, California and Alberta. With an MFA in painting, BA in humanities, and diploma in marketing and advertising, he has taught drawing, painting, art history and graphic illustration, and worked as art editor, copy editor and advertising writer for Los Angeles Times and Southam Press. This sensei in Aikido martial arts also brings to his teaching his scholastic research work on the primitive arts of Africa and Oceania and the psychology of creativity.

Instructor in: Critical Studies and Theory, Design, Drawing, Illustration, Painting

Alain Costaz

"Art stimulates the intelligence of the senses"Alain Costaz received his degree from Concordia University in Montreal, where he lived, pursuing drawing, printmaking, and mixed media work. There, he participated in group as well as solo shows. As a technical coordinator at the printmaking studio of La Guilde Graphique, Alain organized workshops, courses and exhibitions, notably printmaking shows in South Africa, New Zealand, and Quebec. In 1993, Alain joined Ground Zero Printmakers in Victoria and became a member and the director. Alain taught drawing at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and designed the diploma printmaking program at the Victoria College of Art in 1996 where he taught drawing and printmaking. Alain has been active pursuing his studio work, giving workshops for Ground Zero and teaching for the Victoria College of Art.

Instructor in: Painting, Printmaking

Georges Daigle

"Art has been my main passion throughout my life."

A graduate from Sheridan College in Ontario, Georges has worked in the animation industry in Toronto, and Vancouver, creating animated commercials and doing television animated series.

For the past 30 years, Georges has taught several classes in figure drawing, oil painting, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects, Cartoon Sculpting, Storyboard Artist, Classical Animation and 3D Animation, 3D Sculpting and Camera Scene Pre Visualization (Pre Vis)

Currently Georges teaches 2D and 3D Animation in the new Applied Arts Animation Diploma Program at VCA, using the industry's standard software programs and state-of-the-art digital drawing.

Instructor in: Animation

Steven Dickerson

"It is the job of the Art Student to be visually literate."

Working as a Professional Artist in a highly realistic style for over 30 years, Steven's work has ranged from Fine Art to Illustration and Design and Animation. As he enjoys the personal aspects of the Artist / Client relationship, Steven prefers to work on a commissioned basis. When it comes to teaching, he believes the students must learn to be honest with themselves about their art so they can learn from their mistakes, and arrive at a place where they can start to control all aspects of their works. Steven is a graduate of Sheridan College. Currently, Steve teaches Illustration, Design, Drawing, Painting, animation and computer programs at the college.

Instructor in: Animation, Drawing, Illustration, Painting, Photography

Website: www.stevendickerson.ca

Joyce Kline

"Life drawing teaches us how little we truly observe the world around us. It is the basis of all art education because it requires us to open up our powers of observation, concentration, empathy and reflection."

Joyce's interdisciplinary approach stems from her eclectic career as an installation, performance and storyboard artist, writer, playwright and former dancer. She has exhibited in artist-run centres and public galleries across Canada and Finland and been the recipient of Canada, Ontario and Toronto Arts Council grants. Her theatre pieces have been workshopped or performed in Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto, her non-fiction articles and reviews published in This Magazine, the Globe and Mail and The Literary Review of Canada. In 2009, she was a finalist in The Writers' Union of Canada’s Writing for Children competition.

Joyce was a visiting lecturer in the graduate schools of Tampere and Helsinki Universities (Finland) and the University of La Laguna in Tenerife (Spain) and ran and delivered Toronto Women's Art Resource Centre’s slide talk program. A lifelong learner, she holds a BFA with distinction from York and Cornell Universities with additional post graduate studies at the University of Art & Design Helsinki. In addition to teaching at VCA, she storyboards indie films, designs props and set décor at Langham Court Theatre, and facilitates workshops at Cinevic and Royal Roads University.

Instructor in: Animation, Drawing

Emily Morgan

"It’s all about the creative space and the metamorphic process of unfolding"

Emily was apprenticed 25 years ago under the tutelage of the noted figurative sculptor, Karen Jonzen, in Chelsea, London. Her experience led to commissioned sculpture portraits and statues for international companies and sculpting portraits of well-known figures. She then began teaching the City and Guild Sculpture Degree in Richmond-upon-Thames. Always learning new skills, Emily received a degree in Integrative Arts Therapy and a credited degree in Anatomy and Physiology. Emily has had Sculpture studios in London, England; in France; and on Vancouver Island, B.C. where Emily is making a Sculpture Garden in the Cowichan Valley.

Instructor in: Sculpture and Installation

Website: http://cargocollective.com/emilymorgan

Yvonne Owens

"Visual texts were the first form of literacy and artists in all media are the natural stewards (and safeguards) of the human legacy."

Yvonne Owens, B.A., M.A., M.Phil., was awarded a Marie Curie Ph.D. Fellowship at UCL in 2005, for her interdisciplinary dissertation on Renaissance portrayals of women in art and theology. Yvonne is author of The Journey of the Bard (with poems and illustrations by Miles Lowry), and The Cup of Mari Anu (illustrated by Bay Area artist, Kevan Miller). She has written art reviews, artist profiles, scholarly articles and professional, gallery catalogue essays for the past twenty years, and has presented papers to conference delegates in many disciplines (including medicine, science, shamanism and comparative religion). She is also a storyteller and vocalist who performs original, folk, and Early music. Professor of Art History, Philosophy of Art and Critical Studies at the Victoria College of Art, she has conducted many workshops and courses on the relationships among science, the sacred and the arts, presenting self-realization, spirituality and revelatory process for over thirty years.

Instructor in: Art History, Language of Art, Writing

Meet the Guest Faculty of the Victoria College of Art

Luke Carroll

With over 20 years working in the media arts field I have amassed a broad range of experience from writing and directing award winning independent films, prime time television and motion capture to producing multi-million dollar animated feature films. During this time I was fortunate enough to create and teach numerous courses at the Vancouver Film School and more recently complete my thesis film as part of an MFA in Creative Writing and Film Production at UBC. With a passion for teaching, my goal is to use the knowledge I have gained to inspire students to fulfill their unique potential.

Kerry Mason

"Learning is one of life's greatest pleasures..."Kerry Mason is an art historian, curator, and art consultant. She teaches in the Department of History in Art at the University of Victoria, offering a range of courses focusing on Canadian and BC art history with a particular emphasis on Emily Carr and indigenous art of the Northwest Coast art. An early passion for both these subjects led her to complete degrees in art history [Hon. B.A. UVic and M.A. UVic] and pursue a career in the field. In addition to her enthusiasm for teaching, Kerry has a long career in art curation. From its inception in 1977 through 1988 Kerry was the curator of the Emily Carr Gallery for the Province of BC, creating 27 different exhibitions of Emily Carr's art. Mason has authored several articles and published the book, Sunlight in the Shadows: The Landscape of Emily Carr for Oxford University Press. Enthusiastic about all the arts, Kerry served ten years as a board member and as President of the Community Arts Council of Victoria. She represented Victoria on the Provincial Arts Board. In the past decade Kerry has curated and co-curated more than thirty exhibitions for the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery of the University of Victoria and other commercial and public institutions. A particular enthusiasm has been melding different art traditions, indigenous and Western, in a number of exhibitions. Most recently, Kerry worked with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to develop the major exhibition on Emily Carr, and coauthored the companion book, Emily Carr on the Edge of Nowhere.

Stephen McCallum

Stephen has worked as a Graphic Artist and Animator in television, film and game production for over 25 years.

An experienced children’s book illustrator with over a dozen published books, Stephen owns a small digital publishing company in Victoria and publishes children’s eBooks and graphic novels.


Website: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/stephen-mccallum/13/5b1/316

Jessica Michalofsky

"Writing is a way of imagining the world so that it makes sense."Jessica attained a B.A. in English Literature from the University of British Columbia and followed that with a degree in Education. She is currently working at an M.F.A. in Creative Writing through UBC. She works at Camosun College and at VCA where she teaches and supports adults in both creative and academic courses in writing. She is published in Canadian journals such as Event, The Malahat Review, CV2, and in chapbook and anthology form. Jessica is most widely known for her work in prose poetry, but has recently turned her focus to short fiction under the wise tutelage of East-Coast novelist Lisa Moore. She believes writers benefit from being around other writers and that practice is the best sort of talent. Her teaching methodology encourages students to find their authentic voice through a supportive workshop process, invigorating writing exercises, and study of the masters.

Manuel Martinez Polo

"Creative artists from all walks of life can benefit from a better understanding and practice of photography"

Manuel Martinez Polo has over 35 years of practical and theoretical experience in photography. Manuel received his Honours BFA in Photography from the University of Victoria. Under the tutelage Of Fred Douglas, and as the lab technician in the photography program, he acquired extensive knowledge and practice in the chemistry and physics of analog photography.

Manuel has exhibited in solo and group shows, and has received a Canada Council Arts B Grant as well as BC Cultural arts grants. He works mostly with medium and large format cameras ( slow photography), as well as digital photography, marrying traditional silver printing and alternatives historical processes with modern digital work flows.

Manuel has a strong foundation in the developmental history, theory and critique of photographic images. He is Inspired by the views of many Art Photographers, critical thinkers, and philosophers such as, Susan Sontag, Walter Benjamin, Roland Barthes, Maurice Merleau Ponti, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Lauren Simmonuti. Photography, promotes a strong intellectual development in visual literacy and critical thought, and serves as a perfect addendum to working with any visual medium.

Instructor in: Photography

Yesman Post

Yesman R. Post is presently completing her PhD in Visual Art Education, has a Masters degree in Art Education History and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria. She is an Honours Associate in Design from the Ontario College of Art. She has taught in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria, Visual Communications at University Canada West and primary to college level courses during her 14-year residency in Barcelona. Her experience as a practicing artist is extensive. In Barcelona, she researched the works of Spanish Masters, and in Toronto she was represented by Baas Studio, while owning and operating Innerspace Gallery. She is also immersed in International Art Education, publications and conferences, and is one of the few Art Education Historians in Canada.

Bob St Cyr

Bob was granted the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts Maple Leaf and Associate Fellowship Awards for photographic achievement, service and exceptional contributions to photography. Bob has also won national & international awards for his photography, which have included photo exhibitions. Although Bob is familiar with digital photography and employs it from time-to-time, he primarily prefers to work with medium and large film format lens and pinhole cameras. He also enjoys the challenge of constantly working to better himself not only as a photographer but as a darkroom craftsman from processing his film to black and white printing.

Peter Such

"I believe in art that gives a sense of awe and beauty and a fresh understanding of human life, which grows out of the artist's own cultural experience and community and serves to enrich it"

Peter Such is an author and educator, Professor Emeritus of York University, Toronto. He has published eight books, and has been active in founding art organizations, art magazines and technology-based teaching initiatives. He has taught and given seminars as a visiting professor in Helsinki, Cambridge and other European universities as well as in North America. Although he is a critic, and has worked as an archaeologist, Peter is not an artist himself, preferring to be entranced by the magic of art practitioners, who often figure in his novels and plays. He views creativity as the one saving and non-polluting grace left to human beings. Peter thinks of the Victoria College of Art as a joy-oriented creative community and, as its President, he attempts to dispel the dragons of stress and angst whenever they arise. His faculty think likewise.

Instructor in: Animation

Julie Sweetin

Julie Sweetin is an interdisciplinary visual artist and professional 3D animator, with 10 years experience in animation and visual effects for film and television. Her repertoire of work includes titles such as Tin Man, Masters of Horror, Sanctuary, Neverland, Primeval: New World, Ella the Elephant, and Little Charmers, among others. Her award-winning short film titled Sinking Margot premiered in 2006 on Nickelodeon and was featured on the Channel Frederator podcast and blog. Previous to her 3D work, Julie was an avid visual artist, graphic designer, painter, printmaker and photographer whose works were featured in Durschlag Magazine in the Ukraine, IDEC Vancouver 2008, RAIN zine, Rogue Art Gallery, EC Gallery, CAC Gallery, University of Victoria, and Victoria City Hall. Julie received her Visual Arts Diploma from Camosun College, and her 3D Animation Diploma from Vancouver Film School.

Instructor in: Animation

Carole Thompson

"Painting for me is a journey which reveals new realities."Carole Thompson is a visual artist, primarily a painter of large and smaller works who lives on Vancouver Island. Her work is informed by dreams, memories, photography, metaphysical interests and symbology. A recent series, "From the Beginning" explores Sacred Geometry and the five associated elements. Current works, inspired by an Australian residency, involve themes of Earth Connections evoked through geometric forms and personal symbolic languages. One intent in both series is to create and support unity conscious in viewers. Carole is the recipient of Canada Council Awards and a Honours graduate of Vancouver School of Art (ECCAD). Her work is found in many private and corporate collections, nationally and internationally including Art Bank-Ottawa. She has taught privately, at Arts Umbrella-Vancouver, Art Gallery Greater Victoria and Quadra Arts Centre-Victoria. Carole is represented by Fran Willis Gallery-Victoria Gallery-Victoria.

Website: http://carolethompsonart.blogspot.com

Lesley Turner

"The supreme art of the teacher is to awaken joy - Albert Einstein"Lesley is a trained teacher with a BA (Hons) Embroidered Textiles 1st class, Middlesex University, London, UK and a BA in Geography, Otago University, NZ. She is a licentiate member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and a Master Knitter of Canada. She has been awarded City and Guilds of London Institute certificates in embroidery and design and a Certificate in Visual Design from the University of Calgary. Lesley works in the textile medium and has exhibited across Canada, in the UK and in South Korea. She is a member of the textile art group Articulation and the Surface Design Association. Lesley's teaching philosophy is based on the premise that all people are creative and it is her role to coach each of her student's personal development. She recognizes every student has strengths and passions, which need nurturing in a supportive learning environment.

Website: http://lesleyturner.blogspot.com/

Joan Weston

Joan has worked for over 15 years as a Counsellor, Coach and Employment Advisor. Her clients and students are from diverse backgrounds in both the public and private sectors. Along with 4 years of Business & Psychology from McGill University, Joan is a Member of the International Institute of Coaching (IIC). She has advised students as to their career paths, facilitated Job Search workshops, assisted clients and students with resumes, with job search strategies, and with interview preparations. She has successfully placed hundreds of clients in meaningful employment. Joan is highly familiar with the local Labour Market and Business Community in Victoria as well as the BC Labour Laws and Employment Standards.

Andrew Wooldridge

Andy Wooldridge is a formally trained and professional artist of 33 years. His work is widely sold and collected throughout North America and distributed internationally in print, by the WinnDevon Art Group. In 2005 he was inducted into 'Painters at Painters Lodge', a prestigious collective of BC'S best artists. Born in Egypt, Andrew was then raised and educated in England where he augmented his student grant by painting miniatures. He has lived and painted in Israel and Australia and also exhibited there. In conjunction with Alcheringa Gallery, he visited Papua New Guinea to paint a series of works on the life and myths of the Sepik River region. Widely regarded as a 'master of pictorial composition', Wooldridge has been a faculty member at the Victoria College of Art for 13 years. www.andywooldridge.com

Bryony Wynne Jones

Bryony Wynne-Jones is a British-born botanical watercolourist. Although the world of botany and all that it embraces is inviting - perhaps one could say that Wynne-Jones is now branching into natural history, as her studies of birds and fungi are witness to. She works in washes of pure colour, preferring to layer, rather than mix, after an initial careful drawing has been executed. The details are built up gradually culminating in final "tuckings-in". Her world is beautiful. What more could one ask for than a studio fragrant with fruit on the branch, and flowers, or a gleaming turban squash. Nature has it all: from the seemingly simple to the convolutions of an iris petal. And birds! There is so much more to discover when one is nose to beak with a Barn Owl. What a wonderful world. Bryony's artistic influences are from various sources including: fairytale world of Arthur Rackham and Lisbeth Zwerger. BW-J studied briefly with the late Stephen Lowe of Victoria, BC and Paul Riley of Devon, England. The rest of her style is a response to her world.