VCA is accredited by PCTIA (Private Career Training Institutes Agency) which is the provincial governing authority entrusted to provide consumer protection.
In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, we hereby notify you that your personal information, the program of study and the amount of tuition paid will be available to PCTIA.

Program admission requirements cannot be waived by either the institution or the student.

We are also EQA (Education Quality Assurance) Designated.

Certificates count one full year towards the prestigious VCA Fine Arts Diploma.

Registration ongoing for  Fall 2015/Winter 2016 Programs of study in  Fine Arts and Applied Arts Diploma

New courses begin every 4 weeks  in a variety of subjects.

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All students applying at VCA for the regular diploma program shall arrange for an interview with the President and present a portfolio if requested. Students under 19 yrs must have a minimum of Gr.12 and a copy of a high school diploma or transcript. Mature students (over 19 yrs) must present Government Issued photo ID.

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