Celebrating 40 years as Vancouver Island’s innovative creative centre for traditional and new media. Over 5,000 Alumni. Designated “The Centre of Excellence “ for BC by ToonBoom Animation Software Inc. The only independent art college on Vancouver Island offering both Fine and Applied Arts Diplomas with BC Ministry’s Education Quality Assurance designation.

Victoria College of Art designated BC’s “Centre of Excellence” by ToonBoom Animation Software Inc. a division of Corus Entertainment Corporation. One of Five in Canada including ACAD, Sheridan, Algonquin, and other prestigious US art colleges.

As the first adopter of ToonBoom software in British Columbia over four years ago, VCA’s advisory board foresaw the unique value ToonBoom would add to the College’s traditional role on the leading edge.

Two years ago, VCA launched into the full-scale production of a 16-minute animated film to celebrate Victoria city’s 150th anniversary. Selected for showing by the film festival jury, “The Mad Mayors’ Tea Party” received accolades and attention from across the continent, attracting attention from industry producers such as Luke Carroll (Escape From Planet Earth), independent film makers, as well as the training division of the RCMP, all of whom engaged the college in professional and practicum projects.

With ToonBoom advice and assistance, VCA has now developed its Animation programs to create a new comprehensive Diploma in 2D/3D and Stop-Motion/ Claymation. Beginning in September and January terms, the diploma based on Harmony, also includes a research component including Z-Brush, Maya and other digital tools. Several animation studio heads in Vancouver and Victoria have expressed their interest in our graduates. “We welcome your grads” says Vancouver Atomic Cartoons studio head Trevor Bentley.

This is a chance to kick-start your career in New Media as a participant in the newly-emerging digital arts and entertainment economy on the West Coast.

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